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German fuze setter


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I love this item i picked up at Beltring.it came with a nice stamped leather case.It is going to get displayed on a proj and fuze im hopefully able to acquire soon...
Sorry Andy!,
this ones a `keeper` ;)
I bought this for 80 with the leather case.
i have since seen a case alone for sale for 40!!


The following info may be of use to you waff,sorry about poor quality picture and tables,ill try copy them by hand when got time
:) Thanks for that great info Spotter.
I will post pics of the rig as soon as i assemble it.


Waff what do all these stampings on the round mean,i know the little budgie is one of your favourite things but whats the rest about.....spotter
Hmmm?,:unsure: you have stumped me on that one!
Im assuming the 6 44 is date of manufacture,the maker(bsw) is just out of view.
Perhaps some of our esteemed colleagues would care to help us out?
C`mon fellas,its a forum!:)


ive just looked through a list of german manufacturers codes and cannot find \"bsw\" does anyone know who this is