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German Gasmask with Can WW1


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Here are some more pices of my collection i now not all ordnance but i will post the pics too !!
Here are my german Gasmask with can made of coat lether with the spare googels in the cover of the can !!

i hope you like it

Regards David


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Gaz Mazk

Very nice kit item Dave, I'm not sure about over there, but here they are next to impossible to find, and very expensive. Awesome..Dano
yes you are right Dano

yes you are right dano there are over here also very expensive i got this item from my grandfather too !!
i am very happy to have it

Best regards David
Diversified collection

Dave my friend, You have great diversity in your collection, and I love seeing that. when you can look at your stuff and see great variety it makes for an interesting collection. Thanks for posting your stuff. Great job..Dano
Nice item,
That mask looks like a similar issue in ww2 to me although you can see the big differences with the carry tin.

yes thanks both of you

yes waff but the masks in WW2 were made of rubber and the german ww1 masks were made of coat leather !!
But the outer shape looks nearly same !!

yes dano but to display my collection i need the same fantastic trench like yours !! i am all the time very impressed when i see your trench pics !!
go ahead

best regards David
Variant masks

I used to have a WW1 German leather mask, with can. My can was shorter, and there was dividers in the lenses (hard to explain that one), then there is the Austrian mask, that has a real short can with no ridge on it. Dano
yes Dano

yes you are right there are several typs of cans and masks with a lot of diffrence !
there are i gues 5 different cans and some self made cans in the trenches and the masks it self also very different like the mask with the spider in the glasses or the schnapp filter a extra filter under the normal filter for special gas !!

Best regards David
More pics of the Can

More pics of the Can


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There ya go Dave,
Here are a couple of shots of mine to compare with that ww1 of yours :)



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maybe waff

but in such good conditions also a rare item and i believe much more use full as mine against chemical weapons :tinysmile_shy_t:

Regards David