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german grenade 1940


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does anyone know the model #?


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Also known in your country as "Potato Mashers". I need one like this for make mashed potatoes... do you want to sell it?
Very nice example, is the head also marked RR 1940?
The RR mark indicates manufacture by Richard Rinker GmbH, Iserlohn . later production items by this maker used three letter code brb.
I think it would look very nice sitting in my display...I have the space :wink:

Best regards
No, thats very bad. You should have to sell it to me as it is a poor grenade.... :evil:

Miguel you have far to many grenades now....I think it would be better with me :tinysmile_tongue_t:.

I would say if you unscrew the handle and look in the can all the fuze well is intact? It looks like the crimp on the outer rim was opened up for deactivation rather than cutting out the inner fuze well.
It damages the outer finish a little but its nice to have the fuze well intact.

Best Regards