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German incendiary


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Hi chaps,
here is a couple of shots of my latest sectioned item.

Question..Should i pin the tail back on with small brass tacks or should i transplant the pins from some relic tails i bought a while ago??


Transplant with the small Original split pins,,Thats a really nice cutaway waff,i had a go at that one of mine ,its a wreck the insides are all burnt and melted together
Thanks for the info and compliment spotter!:)
It was a risk as the incendiary was the best of the bunch i had.

Heres the sorry state of mine once cut open,you can see where its burnt and bubbled the insides,,now a piece of scrap :angry:
Hello waff no nothing really salvageable,even the fuze section is welded with the heat,ill tidy up whats left and keep it just as n example which is all i wanted it for originaly,just didnt expect it to be so bad inside..looks like it had ignited and been put out
Bummer man:( ,
I will keep an eye out for you if you want?
I think mine came from either Hull(found in a field) or Cyprus.
I think it may have been the latter.
The Hull found one has the steel tile-breaker nose on it so im not messing with that one.


I would try to keep it as original as possible... (thats just me though)

I love the cutaways....

I wish I could so them as good..... looks like spotter and I have the same skill level :D
Apparently there are thousands of duds around the country in nooks and crannies in lofts that lodged there during the war and were never found. When we re-boarded our loft all we found was a marble :(
and if you do find one in your loft or anywhere else ,leave it alone and call the police
@Spotter wrote 'Heres the sorry state of mine once cut open,you can see where its burnt and bubbled the insides,,now a piece of scrap'

Didn't you know that the casing is made of a special alloy?
Elektron is made to burn and melt.. B)
Yes i did ,but many that are available over here are mint and un burnt,,Mine was already partially burnt inside before i started cutting it