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german, italian, french...7,7 cm or 3"


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this one is found under foundations of the house which is being rebuild. i still can not identify this item, but its diameter is round 75-77 mm. it has two copper driving bands, one near nose and one near bottom. i assume it is blast round, but i am afraid it is filled with some kind of toxic agent.
help wanted!


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It looks like it is a 7.65 cm HE M25 (J) Jugoslav shell Have a look in the TM 9-1985-3 Pag.435
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i have not ever seen shell like this in yugoslav post wwii ammo books.
As MADBOMBER31, I think it's 7.65 jugolav call 7.65cm SPrgr 273 in Kennbltter Fremden Gert Berlin1941 page D50/8b shell b
Send me a PM with your address and i send you a copie.

Type: H.E.
Color: Brick red with bright red band under the bourrelet.
Charge: 2 pounds of believed to be picric acid.
Booster: Integral with fuze.
Weight with fuze: 12 pounds