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German M17 grenades in Polisch Army.


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Here two Polisch grenades, wit "body" from German M17 grenades;

first; M17 (Polisch monenclature "wz.17") with Polisch rare GRN-31 black-powder fuze. Those grenades was assigned for export to Spain.

second; also M17 ("wz.17") with Polisch AC-23 black powder fuze.
Those grenades was used in Polisch Army before 1939.



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Hi from Spain. I'm looking for information about the Polish wz.17 exported to Spain.

wz.KZ, Are there documents indicating that export to Spain? I need amounts and dates. In Spain, some old manual called this hand grenade "Granada de mano D" (defensiva).

Thanks. Do you know the difference between the Polish wz.17 and German M.17? Measures? Weight? Explosive? Does anyone have manual or drawings of GRN-31 fuzes and wz-17 grenades?

Thanks a lot.
GRN 31 is the standard Polish igniter GR31. The difference is the replacement of mercury fulminate detonator for booster gunpowder. Also changed the thread diameter of 16 mm to 11 mm to fit the German grenade M1916 (M1917). The letter N in the name, is Niemiecki (German).
In the years 1936-1938 were exported significant quantities of grenade with fuses on the civil war in Spain.
I read somewere that it was 200.000 of pieces of this grenades but I dont remmember where:).There was no diffrences in bodies becouse it was all german bodies.