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German manufacturing codes


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I found a new book about the history of German manufacturing codes. Language english/german. I bought the book at a gun-show in Germany. I did not see such a book so far yet.Very interesting for each collector, who asks about codes in military forums.
29.90 ? 504 pages
by ggbuch@web.de

The evolution and application of production codes
The secret armament code letters, code numbers and abbreviations 1925 ?1940
Encoded years of production
The letter code system 1940 ? 1945
Other code systems
Reaction of the Allies
The problems of assignment and localisation
Abbrevations and some Tips for the Reader
Armament factories supplying the Army until 1927
Armament factories supplying the Navy until 1927
Permitted armament factories starting 1927
Abbrevations for company names starting 1936
Encoded years of production starting in 1925
Production codes allocated to the suppliers of K98 parts
Production marks for powder and explosives manufacturers
Dates of issue of production code-lists for arms, ammunition and equipment
Branch identy characters of the Reichszeugmeisterei (State Master of Ordnance)
RZM-number of metal manufacturers