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German mine copy`s


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German ww2 mine copy`s

I have a few rare ww2 german mines and did some copy work and there is now a selection made to order if anyone is interested, riegle mine 43, pot-mine with buck fuze, W1 mine with buck fuze, all inert, take a look .... prices on request ! items will be sold through classified section,


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I don`t know how to delete threads ? i wasnt selling, i was after interest and wanting people to tell me if they want some then i was giong to sell them in classified, as there made to order !
sorry ! :tinysmile_cry_t2:
dont delete the thread Panzerknackers ,your new to the site and didnt know ,plus i wrongly assumed you was trying to sell direct through the general forums.Theyre excellent copies youve made
regards spotter
Thanks spotter

Thanks spotter i was just wondering if there was a demand for this kind of thing becouse if there is then i was thinking of starting my own business next year, as i already have the machinery, but need to be confident they will sell, as pricing is hard as there is alot of work and effort gone in to them, if they start to sell through classifieds then i can start supporting the forum more also,