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German mine manual


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Has anyone got this manual pictured, titled Mines and charges used by the German Army dated 1944. I was wondering what it is like, if it is useful as a reference. Tried to win it on ebay today and got out bid. Any one have it.
I was also wondering if it would be useful to have a section about Ordnance manual information like manuals in paper form and CDs and what is available and what would be worth their weight in gold etc. What do you guy's think.


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Hi Chris
Thats a great idea ! i collect Manuals and books on Bomb fuzes .
I also collect books on the history of Bomb disposal all nationalities
See attached pictures of part of the collection
best wishes


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Steve what a lovely collection of books, As an experienced collector ordnance and fuze man such as your self, what do you recommend as good reference to German mines and fuzes. Is there anything out there worth hunting for. I am always after information, i find it more valuable than the items it refers to.

Hi Chris thanks for the compliment
The two most useful manuals on ordnance are these attached pictures .
The first ione is in French is about 300 pages with all types of mines and boobytraps , from Germany France Italy and UK of course .
The second was a manual produced on mines and igniters etc used by the germans .


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I have a copy of this one if anyone would like a scan (I haven't scanned it yet but I will).



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As much as i enjoy your posts and pictures,could you please for the sake of my neck,post your pictures the right way up!!:tinysmile_shy_t:
I find i always get a crooked neck when im trying to look at the pics on the side!:xd:


I have a copy of this one if anyone would like a scan (I haven't scanned it yet but I will).


Hello Leo ,i am interested a copy when youve scanned this if you dont mind,let me know when you have done it,im in no rush.. and thank you for sharing this document.........spotter
i think its not military manual.

Thats realy Pioneer batalion instruction minen und zunder ))))))
In my collection. 1944 year.


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Hi Borman,

Do you have more military manuals maybe i have something you are looking for and i can send you a CD????
I have a copy i bought from ostfront.com, quite cheap, they accept pay-pal and is a very good copy that you can read and identify the pictures.
For the German collectors

Here are some of the "bibles" I have in my collection.

Worth every penny paid!

Bmg50 the small green manual is a good investment...nothing rare is covered but still a nice pocket reference when your out and about at the fairs etc.




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