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German Pak 40


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Some pics of this little beauty i just acquired.
im trying to get back into ordnance as ive been spending too much on other TR gear.
ciao waffenamt, I think the shell for 7,62cm pak36(r)
now you must find an AP shel for the wonderful case....
but german did not
manufacture cartridges in this way......
You don't get Pak40 cases much better than that B)

Just to try and help, the Pak40 case with design number 6340 can be fitted with the 7,5cm projetile and also a 7,62cm projectile for the 7,62cm Pak 36.
The 7,62 cm cartridges all have a white tip (AP) or a white band below the fuze (HE) to distinguish them from the 7,5 cm Pak 40 cartridges, because the same case (6340 St) was used.

Waff your case is marked on the base Pzgr. for an AP projectile.
Oh yes the case and projectile match no problems but if you want to get it perfect the stencil on the headstamp is for the AP projectile.