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german petard grenade

paul the grenade

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Hi All.
heres a 1ww german petard grenade made from a 90mm trench mortar projectile strapped to a wooden handle.
Does anyone have any info on the mortar bomb before it was converted into this grenade??
Cheers, Paul.


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At 90mm perhaps a

Lanz trench mortar projectile ? But I don't have an image of one to compare.
attached picture

Nice picture from the web sight, W.W.1 Germans take a look at the flair
pistols at the back!.
This petard grenade is made from the short 91mm Mauser mortar shell.
This mortar shell weighed 1,9 kg and contained 1 kg of donarit
I'm amazed that the German Army ever ran short of grenades! After all, the Kugal was in production from 1913. Unlike the Allies the Germans had proper production set up pre war. We just played with grenades until mid 1915.

Before the use of the Poppenberg fuze, these mortars were primed with this kind of exploder.


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