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German primers - Whitworth thread?


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Whilst studying H.Dv. 460/7 Ringbuch fr Hlsen, it would appear the Germans were using Whitworth threads on their artillery cases. My CD(s) of H.Dv 460 are not particularly clear. However, on the majority of the drawings with the scrap section entitled Gewindeprofil I am sure that the angle shown is 55 degrees, this is Whitworth form.

(There are two 3.7cm cases that use Metric, but the rest definitely seem to use Whitworth.)

1) Did the Germans use Whitworth threaded primers?
2) If so, why?


Tim. G.
Im sure that they used whitworth on some of the 10.5cm projectiles as well.Ive 2 fuzes that are marked with a `w`.