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I know this is not Ordnance, but it may be of interest.

Here are some pictures of the remains of a Radar in Norway.

I think it is the base of a FuMG 39G Freya.

Can anyone confirm this?


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Thank you.

Well, Ordnance or not it is most interesting !
It does look similar to photo's I have seen of the "Freya" array but I am no expert.
Many thanks for sharing those with us.
Hi glevum
it could be part of the Wuerzburg radar installation, this type of Radar was used in Guernsey to control the Giant Russian 30.5 Cm guns of Battery Mirus , but were to be found all along the Atlantic wall defences , so its possible they were also used in Norway?
yes Freya Radar !!

yes thats right thats a part of the Freya radar !

the part lying in the oposit postiton the turet should be on top and the frame is a part of the down housing !!
Relay nice !!
thanks for posting

Regards David