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German Rifle grenades typs WW! ????


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Hello is there anyone out there who have all several types of German rifle grenades from WW1 and can post a picture here ??


regards David

Some very usual german rifle grenades from WWI


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WW1 German rifle grenades

Hi Dave, Heres your basic WW1 German rifle grenades. n1913 and m1914 rodded rifle grenades, and m1917 rifle grenade and practice rifle grenade. Practice units for the rodded grenades exist. but not in this pic. Dano


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Thanks both of you

Thanks both of you thats realy cool i come to know that i have also all of them but i was not sure may i missed one out !

Have a lot of thanks for that

Regards David
Heres some of mine mate.
Cheers, paul.


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And a couple of rarer ones that im not sure of.
Anyone got a positive id on these?


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m1914 practice German rifle grenade

Paul, The smooth bodied one on the left is a practice m1914 German rifle grenade. Dano
Exactly name of the several types ???

Realy nice boys thanks

Can anyone post please the exactly name of this typs or there are only spelld like M1914 or that kind of ???


Regards David
hi dano.
the only pic ive seen of the practice one was a 1 piece body but both these have screw in tops.
someone sujested they were for shooting messages but ive not heard of any grens that were used for that.:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

Paul, The smooth bodied one on the left is a practice m1914 German rifle grenade. Dano
'14 practice

Hi Paul, that one on left (so at least i've been informed) is an m1914 German practice rifle grenade, but rarer version with removable top that could be loaded with smoke charge for easier shot spotting. I have seen 2 others, one was show of shows in Louisville Ky in about '02. that guy wanted 450.00us for the grenade. After a polite "no thanks" I found a secluded corner and cried a few hours away, made a few shrewd if not meager purchases, then got really drunk with another collector mate I know, who also had to pass on a piece he wanted badly, the time of my life...Dano
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