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German rod grenade???


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This ones completely outside my field of collecting but I had to have it because it's a good desk toy!!
Someone said its a WW1 grenade - presumably it should have a rod to go with it?
Presumably it shouldn't be chrome plated. What's the best way of getting that off? What is the correct colour for it?
All unscrews, empty and INERT.
Has anyone got any information on it?


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    German grenade 1.JPG
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    German grenade 3.JPG
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Hi Stephan.
Any chance you could send me a pic and some measurements of the safety pin in the bottom of your sectioned fuze? I want to make one to fit mine.:tinysmile_shy_t:
Cheers, Paul
Hi Paul,

Here are measures of the safety pin.
This one is not in good conditions but it's an original, which is quite hard to find.