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German SD1 bomblet


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Hi Chaps,
Does anyone know if the Luftwaffe dropped SD1's on England during ww2?
I ask because my pal has a bomblet up for sale and it has a brass plaque braized to it with the stampings 'German Bomb,Redcar,November 15 1941'
Its empty and inert of course,fully strips etc,etc.
It will go in the sales section eventually,im just trying to suss out if that plaque is BS or the real-deal before i transfer this thread to the classifieds section?
Ive googled the date and location and came up with several raid references but no specific type of ord dropped or recovered documented SD1's.




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Hi - SD1s were dropped all over East Anglian airfields in 1943/44 with SD2s. They were also dropped on Wembley during the Steinbock Blitz of '44, but fortunately did little damage. Their simple fuzing meant that more often than not they failed to detonate.
I wasn't aware that SD1s were dropped that early in the war BUT did you see this link?


It does show that there was a raid on Redcar on that night.
This item is going to Beltring next week. Waff will be delivering it,not the Luftwaffe! lol.


There is a Home office circular warning about Sd1 being possibly dropped on the UK I have copy,s of Diaries of several Bomb disposal units operating throughout London and the home counties , but there is no listing of SD1 being dealt with.
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