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German SD50 with a difference


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It's not often that one gets a bomb c/w details of where and when it was dropped and who defuzed it. This bomb was dropped on Plymouth barbican in 1941 and came from the widow of the officer who defuzed it (Captain Irwin) - he was later posted to India as a Major and went on to become the Ordnance Director for India. Dave
That is absolutely stunning and would look superb in my display!;)
Do you have the tail fins for this bomb?

thanks for showing it.


no sorry gov, I guess as usual they tore off on impact and either weren't found or weren't in particularly good condition. I was offered a set a few years ago - this would have had the cast ali type (?), but they wouldn't have been original to this fairly unique item so i didn't take up the offer. I imagine it dropped in the mud rather than on dry land as the Barbican even then was a built up area with little open space and it would have sustained much more damage had it hit a building I would have thought. Is that you in the photo? dave
Hi Dave!:laugh: ,i take it you mean the avatar?. My mugshot is somewhere in the `off topic` section(members mugshots),but everyone is a bit shy..

back on topic,that lovely bomb of yours would suit a nice set of fins.Im sure i have drawings/blueprints somewhere i could dig out for you?

whats the fuze you have in that nice bomb?

thanks for the offer, but I could have original ones for the asking, but it wouldn't be right. The fuze is a 25 but its not the original - I keep that in my fuze collection as it is in excellent condition - the one in the bomb has a great head but the body is a bit manky, well, not mint anyway.
Hi do you have some more pics off it?
Like to see the text on it.

Cheers Mad B)

Very nice one :woohoo:
No Daz :( but that is alot :S :blink:
I'am always looking for photo's from german bombs or fuzes.:blush:

Cheers Mad :woohoo:
there were 6 of them plus fins from various size bombs, they were for sale at Horndean last May for 400 each. A (so called) friend of mine did the dirty on me while I was counting my money to see how many I could afford cash and phoned Ben Jumier who bought the lot on the spot!
...and then they went on sale for 600 each,and then they were not for sale the same week again!! it was all very odd at the time?(if indeed they are the same batch??)
I would have bought one with the last of my cash.,glad i didn`t as i had some unexpected bills that came up on my return from Beltring.
I must admit that one of those bombs would just look beautiful in my collection.
I saw one in a pub up the Lake District but the guy wouldn`t sell it,a shame really as its just tucked away under the stairs and nobody enjoys it.


I shall certainly be getting to the guy who brought them to Horndean early this year - just in case!!