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German sea-mine fuze?


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Once again chaps i am going to pick your brains?
I am led to believe that this is from a sea-mine of sorts?
To me it looks like something from a lamp-post,but hey!,i may be wrong!:laugh:
here goes..
Close up of the markings.
I cant find a waffenamt stamp(i have seen one other example with it though).
Im told that this one is for kriegsmarine(hence `M`) and the Luftwaffe ones carried an `L`(which i also have seen one)

any help please?:)


Hi waff
The item is indeed from a German Mine its a arming delay clock ? which arms the mine
Steve (Fuzeman)

how come i cant seem to find a waffenamt stamp though yet ive seen an example with one?


Has anyone got a reference picture of one of these fuzes or the mine it was attached to please?:)


maesurements (in Inches please) would be handy..

However i think it's an Arming Clock type UES 1 or 2
Excellent AD!

the fuze is 41/2 inches in diameter.
def ww2 german then?,plus what does UES stand for please?


Nice one!,
my only concern was the lack of a waffenamt stamp.
I have seen another example with an `L` instead of my one with `M`.
I saw one other which had the waff stamp on the metal ring where the other writing is.
Ive just give mine a light once over with very fine wire-wool and wd40 but cant find the stamp.:(


why is that stamp so important to you?

It does not make this particular piece of
munition technique less interesting..
It proves to me that its indeed wartime german.Thats all i try to collect.:)
plus im a big fan of those little eagles hence my screen-name!

Wow!,that looks the same as my one but without the plexi-glass cover.
It looks like the one my pal traded at the Beltring show.

I paid 80 for my one.:)

cheers for the link mate.

I see the seller has dropped the price to 195.

i just emailed him to say its a 100 too much.
whats the guess he/she tells me to shove off??:laugh: