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German smoke grenades


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Here some inert German smoke grenades.


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The Shaving Stick grenade is just wonderful, I want one of these!!!! The Red cap indicates 1 second delay fuse, it is a booby traped grenade?
Morning Miguel.
I dont think its a booby trap as its only a smoke grenade.
Most military smoke grenades ive used only have a 1 or 2 second delay before they start smoking so maybe this is the reason for the red cap.
Cheers, Paul.
P.S. I have worked out how to get updated by email now. Cheers for that.
The charge on right with external fuze is color smoke signal ( Landungsrauchzeichen ) used by Luftwaffe. They were 3 different colors, I think.
The two in middle are different sizes of orange color signals used by Wehrmacht.
Signal smoke charges often had 1 - 1,5 second delay only. They were not explosive and obviously sometimes it was need to create the smoke signal at once ( as example to prevent enemy from throwing it away from his positions ).
Don't forget that the smoke mixtures have slow ignition. So they have an additional delay to those of the fuze.
Interesting variants Reino, Thank you for sharing these. When were the glass BK type used? and was there an internal Vial of some sort for a reactive chemical ? or was the agent reactive with air?
BK14 was filled with Titanium Tetrachloride which reacted with air humidity to produce a smoke cloud. In very dry or cold ambient it didn't work. Therefore BK24 containing and additional salt water charce in small tube was developed in the next.
No, it's a big brother of orange 80. I have it somewhere in my books but couldn't find it just now. I think it was called Orange 120 :questionmark:
"Usual" Orange 160 is shorter. Does it have any markings/stencilings?


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All stencillings are faded away. This also may be a Luftwaffe marker as it comes from such a place. I got it years ago and never studied it carefully.
Here it comes. The pot is 45mm diameter and 102mm long.


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