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German stick gremade model 1915

I just wanted to show the basic m1915 German stick grenades. The m1915 stick is sometimes referred to as the "large can" as the head of the grenade is much larger than the more uniform m1917 counter-part. By 1917 the German stick called for a more uniform construction with much more stringent build specs. As can be seen the early 1915 stick handle had a ball finial where the fuse detonating string came out and was affixed to the ball. Later in 1915 the star grip screw cap was introduced with a porcelain bead pull for the fuze. This just shows some basic m1915 styles....Dano


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Head comparison m1917 & m1915 stick grenades

Attached is a picture on the m1917 German stick (on left) and m1915 (on right) for head size comparison. By 1917 the stick grenade was more standardized hence the smaller can size. The smaller can model was designated model of 1917....Dano


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