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german stick grenade.


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Hi chaps,

i bought this a while ago from a fellow down the south coast way,he used to be a seller on ebay.i shant go into details yet of who it is until i get some opinions of this grenade of you boys.
Its a restored piece with the head full of wax to give weight.
Im not 100% sure of originality unless ive been looking at fakes that were blessed as real in other forums?
Yes i know i have a ww1 end cap on it but i think it looks better than the supplied one that reminds me being off a Pifco torch!
The bead,string and that little loop came with this grenade too i think?,i always have spares of allsorts knocking about that i lose track of origins!
I once had my suspicions that this is a re-worked smoke grenade as i can see what looks like a filled round area.Not sure if you will see from the pic though?
Its were that dent is and you can just see the outline of the circle if you look closely................
I was thinking about melting out the wax to have a gander inside the head?

Any comments please Gents?


Hi waff, I think Jeeeensy is the man for this one ! obviously heavily restored, I can't get to mine to have a closer look, I don't think the cap with the spring looks right ? the stamp on the handle looks ok, but the inside of the top seems more like WW1 than WW2. I don't think it's a repro but there some bits on there that don't belong in my opinion. Tony.
Hi Tony,

Jeeensy is on the case shortly.I prefer that ww1 star shaped cap over that crappy one with the spring.
Its restored but i think it may be an M24 grenade.


If you think its a re-worked smoke grenade hold a small magnet over the area your not sure about and see if it 'sticks'.
Wont be 100% proof but it may move you in the right direction?

Only prob is im a little short of magnets at the moment!:laugh:
I will get our lass to blag some from the classes she teaches.

cheers for the tip Q.

A long time ago I bought one of worldwideshites stick grenades from an arms fair at the commodore in nottingham ,it turned out to be a pretty good copy ,though they should of labeled them as such when selling them ,I still have it though, anyway where the paint is chipped it is red like yours , if you want a picture of it let me know and i'll shove one on here.
Good evening all,, well Waffy old Chap,, It is a Stick grenade :silly:
The can is , or looks original and heavily re-built.
The stick is original with the correct bottom base thread for the period screw cap.
The star shaped screw cap is a ww1 , but not a problem as they were re-inroduced and also later
re-worked and used for use in cold climate, imagine trying to unscrew a cap with no
kind of grip on it when the tempature is 20 below and you have a pair of boxing gloves on :laugh:
(piccs attached further on of cold climate cap)

The top collar is definalty a WW1 fitting agin piccs attached of a WW1 and a WW2 top collar,
the difference is clear to see, the WW2 collar is closed with a thread that houses the delay fuse assemlby
wich in turn hold the detonator for the warhead. And on the WW1 the delay fuse in waxed stuck inside the stick
and held in place with a mechanical fixture.
With reference to a smoke grenade I have posted ( further down )a smoke grenade can that i have stripped ready for
restoration.. you will note that the M39 smoke grenade has holes around the bottom of the can to expell the smoke,
while the M24 H/E has not.

Hope this helps,