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German stick grenades

Mat holloway

New Member
Hi everyone, im looking for some stick grenades. i have 2 already one being a smoke type grenade the other being a normal type. I would like to acquire several more but there never appears to be any for sale in the uk? Is there a reason for this?
Hi Mat,
there used to be a few on eBay until Feb when they pulled the plug on grenades, however i suggest you try Specialistauctions.com where ime sure you will find something of interest as they allow grens.

Have a word with a couple of our members.

look up `jeeensy` and `engineer` for the german stuff.


Stick grenades

Hi Mat, I sent you a message but perhaps it didn't get to you..I have posted a nice m43 stick grenade on Specialist Auctions, absolutely 100% genuine. Perhaps you have not had the chance to look. Check out Murdosbunker. Best wishes,Lewis
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