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German UXB Bomb Fuze Removal Tool WWII


Premium Member
Just got this at E-Bay for 95 ponds :S


Cheers Mad :woohoo:
Hi Mad,
This looks like a very nice addition to your collection :laugh:
Any chance you can explain how it works.
Very,very nice!

I saw it but i wouldn`t bid against a forum member;) ,plus the fact funds are a little short at the moment!:p

well done MB.


It's been a while since I used a "Quilter Key" They went out of when we stopped removing fuzes, the Key was very good the "Hard Bit" was getting the locking rings to move,plus the Germans started to fit a protective cap that was held in place by the locking rings, this restricted it's use also it stopped you reading any information of the fuze.A simple but very effective idea.
EODONE when did they stop removing fuzes on UXB. It seems that they have a different policy these days, Remove bomb to a safer area and blow. Has health and safety policy's change bomb disposal these days.

Just got it in looks great.:woohoo:
Do you have any info on it on paper?
Looks like i need to get some bits and pieces for it.

Cheers Mad B)