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German WW1 10,5 cm shrapnel shell


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Here my latest restoration project, which is almost finished. A restored relic (and inert) german 10,5 cm Feldhaubitzschrapnell 16. The tough part begins now: Finding a good "HZ 05 Schrapnell" fuze; I have only a relic one. :tinysmile_cry_t3:


  • 10,5 cm Feldh.Schrapnell16_1.jpg
    10,5 cm Feldh.Schrapnell16_1.jpg
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  • 10,5 cm Feldh.Schrapnell16_2.jpg
    10,5 cm Feldh.Schrapnell16_2.jpg
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    10,5 cm Feldh.Schrapnell16_3.jpg
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10.5 shr 16

Here two type of driving band for 10.5 cm Shrapnel shell 16
And also two fuze HZ 05 Shr with steel and zamac noze


  • 10.5 schr.jpg
    10.5 schr.jpg
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  • hz05schr.jpg
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With the help from doctor I finally completed the 10,5 cm shrapnel shell. Here are the photos with the correct HZ 05 Schr.


  • 10,5 cm_Dscf0008.jpg
    10,5 cm_Dscf0008.jpg
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  • 10,5 cm_Dscf0009.jpg
    10,5 cm_Dscf0009.jpg
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    10,5 cm_Dscf0010.jpg
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    10,5 cm_Dscf0011.jpg
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you have done a good job on that shell.
Have you used filler,or have you just painted over it?

looks good just the same.
one more for your collection!



have you got any images on BOCN of all your relics?

love to see them all together!

Sorry, no. I will post some pics in the near future. The 10,5 exists out of three parts, which were found at three different places ;)

@dano: The HZ 05 Schr. was used on 10,5 shrapnel shells. The HE used the HZ 05 Gr., HZ 14 or HZ 16 mostly.
nice work jens !!

Dear jens realy nice work on your he shell !

how you doing it with the correct colors you mix them or you take a ready made color ??
and what your are using as color reference ??

wbr David
ok thanks jens

ok thanks jens

looks great go ahead with your good restoring jobs

wbr David