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German WW1 Light Minenwerfer practice round


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Here a very rare practice round for the german light minenwerfer. This one was reusable with a black powder smoke charge and has 8 gas/smoke escape holes on top. My example is restored to its original paint and markings "b. R." (= bung, Rauch / practice, smoke). The fuze is the same LWMZ 16 or 2 as they used for the HE but without detonator.



I had to replace the copper band too.


You can see the container for the smoke charge inside. It is made from thick steel, so I think it was used to give the mine the same weight as the HE one as well.

Realy nice !!

Realy nice item not often to be senn this practise rounds !!
i have one Erna round for the light mortar thrower !!

best regards David

Very nice shell indeed der feldgraue. Saw one in a display at a show. I do have a LMW fuze and that is as far as it will go. We just don't get the foreign shells over here in the states. When the odd one does make it to a show it gets scarfed up immediately. Really nice shell...Dano
Here are a couple more.


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I'd have to dig for more photos of the practice, I don't know for sure if I have more or not. Lots of conventional and chemical photos, but I don't see that many of the practice and never had all that much interest. I've only got a few of the 7.6cm in my collection, HE and message rounds.
Here is the big brother, a 17cm. The Belgians refer to this as incendiary rather than practice.


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25cm sMW

This one is my Grand father and it smaller brother
Very hard to pick up in the ground two years ago
I'm sure it smoke training round


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Great shots! They have always been an interesting sideline to the minenwerfers, and there have always been many different descriptions of this type - incendiary, practice, smoke, signalling. Any idea what they were filled with? As a 25cm it was a lot, regardless.