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German WW1 Wurfgranaten amo Box !!


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I got this German WW1 box for Wurfgranaten on the box it is written 10 Wurfgranaten and the box is in mimikri color !
it is mention that the box had contained 10 Wurfgranaten but i have no idear which kind of Grenades can anyone help me out ???
there should be two inlets inside but there are missing you can see it on the picture !!

Maybe for the Discus grenades but i dont know ???

The box is marked with year 1915 and around the box it is painted a thin red line !!
And on the box is mention the the grenades should store dry Vor Nsse schtzen

best regards David


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No one any idear ??

No one any idear what kind of Grenades where inside this box ??

pls help me out

best regards David
got me

Hi Dave all Wurfgranate info I can find lists it as a WWII weapon. You is obviously WW! by the 1915 date. I'm wondering if that box contained Granatenwerfer projectiles?? Dano
I thought wurfgranaten translated to Mortar!
It could be the Granatewerfer as dan sugests.
Can you give us the dimentions of the inside if the box? That could help.
Dear All !!

yes the translations should be mortar but for the M16 Mortar the projektiles are to big because it is mention that the box had contained 10 nos and the M16 projektiles are to large for it !!

The measurments are lenght 50 cm widness 38 cm and the hight 20 cm !!

Dear Dano yes you are also right but it is clearly mention 1915 and a red line around the box i have no idear !!!:eek:oh:

best regards David
For me it's realy a box for Granawerfer ww1 first type stored in alternate ways up
Have you try to see for this
First type is too small than the other
Disasembled ??

yes i was thinking maybe the projektiles of the M16 were stored in it disasembled maybe ??

best regards David

But i would tell also that normaly the german spelling for Mortar should be more Werfergranaten when i translate this what is mention on the box it could also stand for and grenade which was droped by hand,, Wurf ,, - drop !!
Maybe realy for the Discusgrenades !!
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thanks buddy

Thanks der Feldgraue for your help to identify this case !!

best regards