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German WW1 / WW2 Signalwerfer


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Hi guys,

When I walked around at Beltring I noticed a (rare) Signalwerfer for sale at a north-north european stall. Unfortunately with a replaced firing tube.

As I got one myself, I thought it might be a good idea to show the thing here at BOCN.
I recovered it myself just east of Reims, France two years ago.

The Signalwerfer got developed in 1916 for use with two types of signal flares. It looks as if it could fire the Priest mortar as well, but it is not meant for that.
The mechanism functions like a bolt-action rifle and the firing-pin initiates a primer fixed deep in the stabilizer tube of the flare.
Primer set off propellant and delay pellet, then igniting the flare.

The same signalwerfer was also used during ww2, hence the 1941 manual you can download here : http://www.lexpev.nl/downloads/h.dv.409.pdf
This manual also describes another singalwerfer-type for other, high-altitude, flares.


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The Signalgranaten :

Single star on the left, Double star on the right.

Does anyone have photos of these signalgranaten?



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what a fantastic find mate!
are you going to restore it?

Well, I thought about restoring it, but as I could see from the one for sale/restored, it didn't look good.
It will never be completely new again so best keep it like this I think.
I polished and laquered it yesterday for these pics.

As for the photo, MG34NZ, that's the first new one I have ever seen. thanks.

Hi guys,

I think there were even some more different types of flair rockets. One version was for sure empty and you were able to put a small paper- message inside which were shot above the trenches...

Here to compare a mint condition flair rocket and a rocket launcher I sold some weeks ago. The top was lettered with some regimental-letters (I think it was for regiment...).

Kind regards, Daniel


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that one looks amazing, I think the buyer is a bless man