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German WW2 7.92mm Panzerbusche


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Hi does anyone have any pictures/cutaways and info on these shells i'm awaiting one I picked up cheaply lately.
I heard that they had negligible amounts of tear gas in the projectiles to make the occupants of the vehicle on the receiving end bail out is this true??
Also how effective were they compared to other anti tank rifles of the time in armour penetration etc anyone got any performance charts.
Cheers DAZ

7.92mm No.318 Cartridge

1. Standard AP cartridge
2. Pracice round. Low velocity.
3. Blank cartridge. Wooden bullet.
4. Dummy cartridge. Plastic case

Penetration at 60 degrees. 100m 30mm, 300m 23mm.

Picture from: Know your antitank rifles by E.J. Hoffschmidt.

:cheer: God thanks for that lot Joerg you always go above and beyond the call of duty when helping folk on here .
Cheers lots DAZ
..So can anyone confirm the tear gas theory??
I can't imagine there would be enough tear gas in a single round to do the job????

If its in one of the drawings, I missed it..sry

I'd be 99% sure that "Tear" gas would be unecessary as a very hot steel core entering armour would be deadly for the occupants without any added "Gas" as the "spall" from the armour on the inside would also have a devastating effect.