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German WW2 Az41 A


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Latest addition to the collection is this AZ41 A
Date mark... 8/42
Manufacturer... ees
Type...clockwork time and impact fuze,delay 1.5-2.5 sec
Use SD2 B (butterfly),,ground marker target Mark 3B,,and others


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cheers for additional info waff,yes its a nice fuze,and after my earlier attempt at cutting one today DOH !! Im leaving this one as it is
Thanks Spotter, so do I assume that when the bomb wings open they pull out the thing the arming wire is screwed into that then somehow lets the cogs move which then arm it? Sorry this seems a bit simplistic, I don't know much about bomb fuzes but happen to find these ones interesting.

Ey up Dave,
As far as im aware,methinks that after the wigs pop out they then wind out the arming spindle which arms the mechanism inside the fuze?
Im sure i read that some very brave BD Officers actually wound some back in that were found part wound? :afraid: