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German WW2 Glass-mine


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Nice glass-mine for sale, consisting of the glass-pot (mint: no chips, no cracks), the internal metal plate (rusty), the thin shear-plate and the brown-glass pressuse-plate (with surface chip). Shows up together with the corresponding fuse (inert of course). 60 Euros + shipping


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Hello engineer,
do you have anymore of them as i think some of the other lads were showing interest a while ago?


Yes, I have 6 more...same good condition. But only one more with fuse. For the other ones (without fuse) I ask 50 Euros. Shipping to UK is 17 Euros (it doesn't matter if I send one or two)


My Glass mine arrived safely today ,thank you very much Engineer for this ,Lovely item as described and was well packaged and super fast delivery...spotter


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Glad to here that the glass-mine arrived safely - and that you like it, spotter. Delivery was really extremly fast - it took only 2 days from Germany to UK. Big compliment to DHL and the Royal Mail :smile: