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Grenade bargain practice MKII

Hi All, I'm still reeling over the posts in Rick's 400 stick grenade post, and the price of grenades in general. Someone added that it's time to tighten the belt so to speak, and hit the junk stores etc...Well I just returned from Alamo Military Collictibles in St. Louis, which is more like a cross between a junk store and a surplus store. I mean there is crap all over the place. Well I came across this wartime (43 dated) WW2 U.S. MKII practice grenade for 30.00 and Tom even threw in a free 20mm hispano shell case! To me this was a bargain so if one looks one can find. If you look you can see the 43 date on handle...This is definately not one of those Korean pile of crap knockoffs (no offense meant to anyone) Dano


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The hare that lost his spectacles

I find that reading glasses are helpful, it is on side of handle almost to top of grenade (my glasses are 3.5X) Dano


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After evaluating these different posts in this thread, sounds as though 400 U.S. for a '24 stick may indeed be a bargain. One alternative is repro and there are some good ones out there. I have at times went repro as a filler piece (something to "play with" until a good deal floats along). You just don't strike me as a commerative thimble or spoon guy. Adios and good luck Rick...Dano (OOPS WRONG THREAD) crapola
Just wait my man, Patience always seems to pay off in the end. A little sacrifice on quality, a little luck and the right time right place deal and you will eventually end up with one..Dano
Humm.... first one I have seen with a "date". Mine have a single digit that I thought was suppose to be a casting mark....

As for the "Korea" marked ones.... I believe they were also used by the US Army as training ones....
wartime MKII

I guess I was off the mark on the Korean remark, was basicly referring to the tons of cheap rip-off practice MKII's out there, esp the ones from the 70's complete with chromed pull ring etc..etc..yada..yada. As for the date I have seen many dated examples and ALL of them were wartime but are not a common item to say the least. And lastly to whom ever added that circle around the date on the grenade pic. COOL! How did you do it??...Dano
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MKII practice

Trying another of MKII practice using new method to see if date comes out better..Dano
OOPS better practice with lighting


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While digging at my suppliers, I found a couple of crates of practice M36's all broken up, but I did put 2 toogether and most of 2 more..not to mention the parts I find in the crates...you just gotta keep looking.
I also found a lot of practice MK3 J fuses there ..all had been hit with a hammer, but some I could still re-round and fit into the center tubes