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Grenade Hand Clay Mk1


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Found this Brirtish Clay Grenade in a 1945 document ive never seen one of these before ,anyone have a photograph of one

I have never seen one of these either in 30 years of collecting, I am not sure how popular they were. The only photo of one I have seen is in Rick Landers excellent book "Grenade" small pic on page 117.
Many thanks for the picture, Paul Spence has a photo of a reproduction on his website.
Thanks for the images sgtlynn,i had heard of concrete trainining grenades before but never clay ones,i suppose these didnt survive well with been made of clay

I found this text from the book : Introduction to british grenades, Skennerton.

Heres one i made a few years back to the original specifications.
I used to make pots years ago and still have my potters wheel and loads of clay in the shed.
Hi Paul

I have seen this on your website but did not realise that you had made it yourself. It looks great! If you ever get bored and want to make another one, let me know as I would like one. Obviously I wouldnt expect you to do it for free.

Many thanks
Here's a couple of genuine ones, one with its gunpowder burster unit.

Thanks for the picture Tim, it's nice to see genuine ones, must be pretty rare. Do you have any idea if these were used in any great numbers ? Tony.

There are no markings on either. There might have been on the right hand one, but the base is slightly the worse for wear.
PM me for any dimensions you want.