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Grenade Maker


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Hello again all, I have just come by this grenade body and would like to know who the maker mark is. I think it is an M23 but not too sure. It was covered in blue paint but I have managed to get most of it off. Just needs tidying up a bit now. Thanks in advance, Wooly


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OK... here goes nothing.....

I think it may be a Hart Ltd. South African and 19 would be the year????

I stand to be corrected......

I also have used a "call a friend" so I will get back to you if the answer differs.

just my 2 cents :crossedlips:
Hi Wooly,
i have one zackly the same, with an 'H' on the back but no number. I am sure it is a 23 as the pinholes are quite far back and the shape at the top seems right. Mine too was painted blue which was in fact a colour used for training purposes during WW1 and i am sure was its original colour.Its a shame you removed it. I am assuming it has no centre tube like mine and i think it probably was used for throwing practice. As for the letter H and number i am sure it is just a casting or foundry mark as very few if any no 5 or 23 mks 1 and 11 were ever marked with a makers name. That started with the 23/111. Many no5s and 23s 1 and 11 had such foundry marks, the most common being a shield or a number either on the front or the back of the gren.
Its body shape is very similar to the Gibbons Spring grens i have in my posession and ime sure its a 23.
Hope this helps,