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I would definately recommend grenademan2005 as a total first rate dealer. My m1917 German egg got here in the US from Spain in about a week, and piece is better than I expected, and even had his business card inside (I collect militaria dealers business cards from abroad also). Thankyou kindly Miguel, I totally appreciate it. Dano
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So instead of making a new thread about grenademan2005, I will just add to it....

I have had a couple of dealings with him and the first one was a test run and a bit shaky on my end. I received a box that was brutalized by customs and the postal service. This was in no way Miguel's fault... so I thought I would try again. This one was much better as the box came through unscathed...

I also asked a favour and he helped me out without hesitation.

Miguel is a great seller and true to his word. If you have dealings with him, I am sure you will have a positive experience, just as I have had on the several occasions I have had the pleasure.

Thanks Miguel. Hope to deal with you again in the near future.
just received another parcel from Barca,

as the final realization of a three months lasting long term trade.

allways a pleasure to deal with this reliable member :shakehands:

looking forward to the next satisfying trade - vamonos, Miguel.
Grenademan2005 IS ACE !

Had a great deal with Miguel (Grenademan2005)
10 out of 10 for a speedy delivery and a TOP quality item.:tinysmile_grin_t:
Cheers, Paul.
So instead of making a new thread about grenademan2005, I will just add to it....

It would seem a good idea to keep all the comments together.

I would just like to add my thanks for an excellent deal on a 3.7cm Pak shell from Miguel. Everything went like a dream and you were more than kind in looking after my request :deal:........:cheers:

Excellent item and service and looking forward to the future.