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I have had some good dealings with grenademan28 and would not hesitate to recomend him to anyone.

He is a wealth of knowledge and has a lot of reference material, its a pleasure to engage in a healthy debate on aspects of our collectables.
And when it comes to a trade service is superb and product is exactly as discribed.

Best regards

Another great deal done with grenademan28. he has found an item I have been after a long time and gone well out of his way to get it for me.
As allways a first rate trade, excellent communication , items are allways as described or better, fast and friendly emails and as above a wealth of knowlege.
if you have the good fortune to do business with grenademan28 you will be very satisfied

I had very positive contact with grenademan28 - he is highly knowledgeable and competent concerning the items he has.
It is a real pleasure to do business with him, highly reliable and very honest.
I'll stay in constant contact with him as a qualified collector he is & to complete my collection with top items.I recommend him vividly to anyone !

Thanks Miguel !

carta de recomendacin por Grenademan28

I have to confirm warmly every word, Andrew and Fern have written above.
several good deals, even before entering BOCN, are of evidental value.
looking forward for more, dear Miguel :top: