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Gunshow Finds -1 Known, the Other a Mystery


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Hi guys, I picked up these two igniters over the weekend. I've id'd the bronze coloured one as a German Z.35. It is marked back-to-back R - 482-1938. The other one is a mystery. It has no markings on it. Any ideas? I'm still not sure why I bought them, I just couldn't resist:tinysmile_hmm_t2:




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Nice s-mine igniter with shipping cap. The other igniter is American M6A1 for the same perpose as the other.
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Here the complete mine (M2A1 bounding mine) with fuze.
Regards DJH


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Not sure on the exchange rate these days with all the economic turmoil happening but usually s-min 35 igniters in mint condition fetch around 40-50 and the M6-A1 igniter from 5- 15. I would say you had a good deal.
The code RR on the fuze is for Richard Rinker if im correct?
It took me ages to find a good set like yours,well done Greg on a good pickup.


Thanks Waff, I have no buyers remorse. I NEVER see this kind of stuff at the shows. When I spoke with the guy who had them on his table, he was great, told me all about the German ingniter and even came back to later with a couple Elsie parts for FREE! Super nice guy:tinysmile_grin_t: