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H. 29 mk I


Ordnance approved


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Size: Length 16.9" Breadth 10.75" Depth 9.25"
Empty Weight 12 lb. 8 oz.

.303 in. Ball, mk VII (500 rounds in 2 Belts of 250 rounds)
.303 in. Ball, mk VII Z(500 rounds in 2 Belts of 250 rounds)
.303 in. Ball, mk VIII Z(500 rounds in 2 Belts of 250 rounds)
.303 in. Ball and Tracer or any Mixed Belt (500 rounds in 2 Belts of 250 rounds)
Number Packed: 500
Gross weight: 48 lbs. 8 oz.
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I have a few H29s to restore and this blueish green is given in the No. 11 Pamphlet as the correct colour for belted ammunition. Any idea what it's actually called or a BS chart reference?
I cannot see the mark of the box in the photos, but it is a Mark1, 1E, or 2 because it has the 'V' batten at the bottom of each end.
The dimensions given are for the Mark 1, but all the marks have dimension and weight variations, so by measuring and weighing the package you can determine which mark it is. Mark 1 weight is 12 lb 8 oz.
The Mark 1E is 16.55" x 10.1 x 8.9" Wt 8 lb 12 oz,
Mark 2 is 16.9 x 11.3 x 9.5 Wt 10 lb 2 oz.
Mark 3 has a horizontal bottom batten and is 16.9 x 11.3 x 9.5 Wt 9 lb 14 oz.
They also used to contain 2500 Rds 9mm and they were very heavy.
In earlier times the early marks held Carts 7.92 BESA in link belts, .30'' Browning belts, 9 mm Drill, .45 TSMG (Thompson Sub Machine Gun).
If you wanted to mark up some packages to these I can provide weights etc.
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