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H.E. shell filling numbers.


Members, for those who wish to repaint their WW2 HE shells but do not have the filling numbers, then l hope the attached images in column 2 of each page will help. l must apologize for the misalignment of copies. RonB.


  • M.of F. details..jpg
    M.of F. details..jpg
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  • M.of F. details. 001.jpg
    M.of F. details. 001.jpg
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  • M.of F. details. 002.jpg
    M.of F. details. 002.jpg
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  • M.of F. details. 003.jpg
    M.of F. details. 003.jpg
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  • M.of F. details. 004.jpg
    M.of F. details. 004.jpg
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