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H51 Ammo boxes


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I'm trying to find an in service date for this ammo box. I've heard that it was introduced late war, seemingly 44 or after but none of the RAOS reference books that I have lists them.

For example in a 43 dated reference the .303 is listed as being contained in the following:
.303 ball MK VII Bandoliers H1, H19 or H21
.303 ball MK VII cases, charger H1, H19 or H21
.303 ball MK VII Belts H20, H29
.303 ball MK VII Cartons H13, H22
.303 ball MK VII Chargers H19

.303 ball MK VIII Z Bandoliers H19
.303 ball MK VIII Z Cartons H20, H29
.303 ball MK VIII Z Stripless Belts H1, H26

various types of .303 ball MK VII Z used H13, H15 H19

In my 45 dated reference all the H type boxes are listed numericaly and goes up to H47 only.

So does anyone have an official reference or photographic evidence that the box was used during the war?

Picture copied from this site:


The date that you see stenciled on the box is called the Batch Date and is put on the external packaging at time of packing but is the manufactured date. The box in the image above is 12 September 45.

In Pamphlet No.11, Small Arms Ammunition dated 24th February 1945, Page 46, the following is stated:

"Jungle Packages

16. as the result of requirements of a "Jungle pack" for S.A.A., Boxes H.50 and H.51 (not listed in Tables 14 and 15) have been introduced and will probably eventually become universal standard packaging"

It then goes on to describe the H50 and H51 and list the quantities held, i.e. 288 rounds .303 in cartons or 300 rounds in bandoliers.

Just the job, thanks for that. Strange that it isn't mentioned in the list.
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