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Mike P.

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Hi Gents , In many ways the Middle East has become an EOD War and I thought it would be interesting to start a Thread that would cover all of the various Ordnance our Soldiers have (and are) running up against in the Middle East. Whether it?s a Picture of an IED , or newly discovered Cache, I?m sure there more than enough material that warrants discussion. About a year ago , I was visited by a SF CSM who was preparing for his 4th Tour . He wanted to see my Collection and ?.although he was somewhat of a WW2 Collector himself , he focused on my Ord . He told me that in Afghanistan , it?s not uncommon for them to run into WW2 vintage hardware being used for IED?s and Booby Traps.
I'll start off with my RPG-7 ...cleanest example I've ever run into (not literally thank God):unsure:
Thanks for that Smirky . I was hoping we'd have some of our members post items that either They brought home themselves or , Items in their Collections that are bring backs .
Kinda strange since I'm a WW2 Collector but ,I've actually loaned the few items I have to Instructors for use as Training Aids. There must be a shortage of REAL training aids because The Army also has what they call " Rubber Duckies" (solid Rubber replicas) of everything from AK's to RPG's & AP Mines. They might be fine for teaching/showing what an item looks like. But imagine trying to teach someone how to change a clip , cycle the Bolt or operate the Safety on a Rubber AK :dry:
I have to admit , it's a wonderful feeling when you can see "Our Hobby" being put to work ..and possibly help teach a Soldier something that might one day help save their life...you never know.
Not to mention how THRILLED the instructors were because they got to "play" with real toys.
I have 2 AK's (semi's) ..they handed them around and everyone got a chance to cycle them etc. But I asked them not to pass the rounds around ..I'd like to keep them in the best condition possible.
I've been told the deact Launchers are selling for around $2,000 here ..that would make this a very valuable "collection"
(that they probably destroyed)
Here's a round that I find interesting. The "PG-9" . They are like our old Recoiless ..but I've yet to see pictures of a complete Launcher set up. Our Troops have been running into them wired as AP IED's but , not exactly what they were made for..I also heard (but have not confirmed yet) that this Rocket was also used on BMP's
This going to be bit of a difficutlt story about the PG-9. The projectile is designated PG-9, but depending from which weapon it is fired it changes from name. There are two proppeling charges for it, in your picture it has a cartridge case but there is also another charge for, unfortunatly no picture but look on the last rocketpage from the book mentioned earlier you wil see one. With this charge the complete round is called PG-9 and is fired from the recoilles rifle. Yours with the cartridge case is, as complete round, called PG-15 and is fired from a 73mm gun from the BMP tank. Also almost everywhere it is called a rocket but technicaly speeking it is a rocket assisted projectile. There are HE projectiles for it, OG-9 or OG-15 which have no rocketmotor but a hollow alluminium tail with fins on it.