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Handbook of Enemy Ammunition


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I just got this A4 booklet of epay for a very good price!
its copies of the original but what a bloody good read!:)

Ah,it covers german ww2 ammo.
Its got info about stencilling,ammo box markings and proj colours.
It also covers propellants and primers.
top stuff,although no mention of Madsen(re- spotters question in another section)


waff means document 26/GS Publications/76... series
released 1942 by the War Office.

French Italian Russian German weaponnery and muntions in several parts.
According to the front cover,this document was released on 24th May 1945.
it says it is `pamphlet number 15`.
only german covered in this particular book.
i assume it was to help EOD back in the day?.


that's possible..

However the Allied Forces had their OP and TM series.
The OP 1666 (TM 1885-2) for example contains German Explosive Ordnance part 1. Describing technical data and excluding EOD procedures.

Your Pamphlet describes packaging recognition.
I shall get a couple of pics up after the upgrade,it is a shame that this is a black-and-white copy as there are some top pics of proj`s and rounds.


Try keep an eye open for this waff as mentioned by ammodillo earlier
followed by sample page from contents

if you want to have nice color pics
from German ammo you need to have
the Ringbcher..