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hands up who saw this and knew what it was


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I was keeping an eye on this on ebay, now ended. How many other people knew what it was ? item No. 350117201780
No, I did not buy it. Tony.
Oddball !

What a nice little item that is !
25 mm calibre=nothing comes to mind !
How about you Mortar boys ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
I saw that as well, it looked right if you know what i mean but at only 25mm diameter i have no idea what it was from. Look forward to someone giving us the answer.
Best Weasel.
Initially it looked like a stubby para illum with a non purpose / different nose but, I may look in the books to find a proper ID for it unless someone else does so first
I have just had a look through the 1999-2000 Janes Handbook and cannot find anything on it. Just going to have a look on the web...i may be a while.
Best Weasel.
Ok, I have found a reference to a Subcaliber Mortar Trainer M32 with 25-mm Training Projectile M379, on the web.
It might be a start.
Best Weasel.
Damn, I know what it is but wasn't looking and didn't see it. I could use a nicer one of those. Someone got a good deal. Good for him.
Hi Ordnance,
Glad you know what it is, would be able to put us out of our misery and tell us.....
Best regards Weasel.
Hi Tony,
Thanks i saw your post and your right it is very simmilar, my only thought was that the item on ebay looked more like it was an item from the late sixties onwards.
Best Weasel.
Hi again W, you could be right but the diamensions were about right, reading from Lex's site, the description matches the item better than the picture, which i think was from US manual, known to contain several inaccuracies. Also, i couldn't find anything else close. German stuff is not my field but it looks good to me.Tony.