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Hello, German Stick Grenades


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Can any one reccommend a good book on German stick grenades WW1 & WW11. need somthing that shows
markings and stenciling. Thanks.
i would just have a good look around the old internet for quality pics.
Mebbe some of our chaps in here have any reference piccy`s??:pinch:

I think Iv'e been to most sites. I have some good m24 stenciling,
could do with some good ww1 label and stenciling piccs.

Have you looked here Nick, http://www.inert-ord.net/gerimp/sticks/index.html if not go to the bottom of the page and click the blue spot,it will then ask for passwords etc ..first type in the top box \"open\" then in the bottom one type \"1945\" this will get you to the extra bits ......spotter
Hello Spotter,
Thanks,I have been to Ed's site and passed a few e-mails. must say what a fantastic site.
I didn't realise that there were so many types of stick grenade (Stielgranate) during ww1. have most of them
few in mint and also lots for restoration. I will post them when they are all mint or will post as being restored
during process. am open to requests from menmbers.

I personally like to see the before ,during and after restoration,.cheers spotter
i have started one or two projects myself that i keep threatening to finish!:laugh:
This stick grenade should be a good one to follow though.
good luck!
Waffy ,you keep telling us about these unfinished projects and saying you will post pics,why not post some pics of them as they are now in there various states of restoration
good point but guess who is on callout tomorrow with 3 jobs already lined up??

this is silly-season in my job at the mo,everybody wants the beer cold...:dry:
patience my son!!
I'll post some as are now pics soon and once the the electrolysis tanks set up and running
post more once they are cleand up ready for painting etc:
And, Did someone mention a cold beer. :S