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Help ID please


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Found several of these parts from modern projectiles ? approx 30mm ,Hard Plastic ? driving band No markings anywhere ,all as seen in the photos,,any help info with identifying welcome,especially pic of complete item...thanks for looking spotter

That sir is the base of a 30mm Rarden Discarding Sabot Reduced Range (DSRR) projectile L15 series. There was a load of them on e-bay a while back. The hole in the bottom is where the flash from the gun fireing it goes through it and ignites the tracer.
Forgot to mention yours is the steel one where as the nylon version is shown in the photo.
many thanks for this fellas,,,found several today pity no sign of the other bits..thanks again spotter
No not me ,not bought anything to re sell on ebay for a long tme been mainly buying stuff