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Help needed - again part 2!!!


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There`s more!!

Pic one - obviously a grenade. Spoon is painted Blue & brown with `INERT` stencilled on it. Comes apart & spoon/trigger mechanism is cocked. Grenades not my thing at all so open to offers or its off to SA.

Pics 2 & 3 are of a 2" inch mortar but isit a drill or training aid?
Stamped 2" MOR 1MW U on body. Under nose cap stamped CHLtd /42
Primer cap has 42 in a circle & WDC. Fin unit has 4 FDLtd 1939-1 embossed on it. Also crows foot stamped on base of body. Mortars also not my thing!!! I do know though that this is a 2" mortar round from `39 - `42.

As ever thankss for your time & help


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The Mortar certainly looks like a "Drill" but I haven't seen a top like that before !

I expect one of the Mortar experts will have a bucketful to show us.
1st item appears to be an American illuminating grenade with a practice spoon/lever on it. The mortar is a 2" practice round, inert filled with dummy fuse but live cart for firing. Looks like its in nice condition. Tony.
Found this pic while looking for 3" mortars today....Tony


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Cheers for all that gents.
Both items are in very good condition & the 2" still has grease on the treads for the cap & fins.
would this have been fired from a Stokes tube?
Standard Tube Mortar!

Hicky, the Mortar would have been fired from a standard 2" Inch mortar tube of the day.