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Help needed with a eletric generator.


Ordnance approved
In our collection I found this object, it comes packed with two or three in a bakelite container. The body measures 25mm X 50mm and contains a electric generator ( impact?), there are no markings. It seems to be a German eletric impact generator for a bomb fuze. Does anybody has an idea what it is and where it was used for.
Thanks in advance, Blu


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Ive no idea what it is , but it looks very interesting its strange that the gaine holder is drilled,
My curiosity is aroused

Ive have this information
Electric booster cup used with drop container AB1000-2 and other cluster and container bombs.
Gas pressure from the primer of the ZT.Z.89 (series) fuze forces the pusher plate downwards where a projection of the piston strikes a soft iron core in the centre of a coil of copper causing electricity.An attatched coupler assembly connects to a detonator assembly ,opening the cluster or to a Z.69(series) of aerial burst fuzes
Thanks spotter for your help, thanks to you I know where to look for and I found it. When I am correct it is where the arrow points to.
Regards Blu.


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Found a cutaway drawing of the fuzing system of the AB 1000-2. The bomb ontains 1 bomb fuze 89 and 2 fuzes 69 each fitted with a electric generator. The gasses produced by the fuze drives cup 31 downwards shearind the shrear pins 32. The notch of the cup drives the steel pin 34 downwards wich moves trough the coil producing eletric power which trough a electric cable is conducted to the electric detonaters which opens the clusterbomb. I must say quit a complex fuzing system, first use electric power to set of the fuzes and the producing electric power again.
Thanks spotter to direct me in the right direction.
Regards BLU.


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I have some more found in my collection to this article fit. Harry


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