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help needed with cutaway


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Hello im in the process of cutting a WW2 German 20mm Madsen Naval round,,does anyone have a picture of the round painted and markings so i can repaint it as no original paint remains

progress so far

I only have info on Oerlikon,Solothurn and Mauser rounds.
Madsen?,thats a new one on me.

Hi Spotter
Here is a couple of German 20mm Madsen rounds most of the paint has gone but you can still make it out the colours are Yellow ( goldgelb RAL1004 )with a red band possible ( Tomateenrot ( RAL3013 )
I have another question ref this round,,what type of propellent was used was it flake or cordite sticks or whatever,,,thanks spotter
Hi Spotter
I can't find any thing on the type of propellent, i did find a drawing from a German manual it looks like tubular, sorry about the photo, scanners U/S
I had a 20mm flak round years ago that had cordite type propellant in very small tube type granules ie 2mm,all in a silk type bag stamped in german in various letters,ive seen these on ebay from germany for 5 euros,so worth a look and the easy way to fill the case.