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Help needed!!


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Hi gents
Wonder if anyone can enlighten me on this brass case?
It is Headstamped `L small diamond 46 small diamond`.
Dimensions are 75mm dia at top & stands 330mm tall.
It does not look as if it has been cut down.
I think it is a Belgian or French 75mm Hotchkiss howitzer case. Probably pre WWI due to the small primer & lack of H/S info??
But I`m probably going to be proven wrong!! :eek:oh:


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ID needed

Oh for crying out loud!! Try this:tinysmile_cry_t4:


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Sorry mate, have no idea but what an earth were the first pics of? lol
ive been doing some searching for your headstamp and have had little success,,I did find on another site the single "L" as French and for "Pyrotechnic Maritime de Lourient" unfortunately there was not any pictures to compare with yours ,,sorry its not a positive id
regards spotter
Charlie - 1st pics of side panels for my Z thou. complete brain fart with the uploading?!!
Cheers for your efforts Spotter. I was fairly sure it was French. Certain case has not been cut down & like you unable to find anything for this size. Also sure that 46 does not mean 1946 due to primer size.
Cheers Charlie - went to the link. I vaguely remember looking there sometime back.
Will look into the Lubenstadt possibility
I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago headstamped "L.37", some information I have lists it as being made in France for the Boers. I believe it is a headstamp with only the lot number to conceal who made the cases.