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Help wanted



Hi all i have just received a parcel of fuzes and bits and pieces amongst them were these 2 items both are made of Ali 2 1/2 inches tall by 1. 1/2 inches wide , no marks on them both painted red (Airdropped fuzeparts )any help appreciated thanks


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Good grief Well done Tony i would never have thought they were grenade parts , as they came from a box of bomb fuzes .Many thanks
Maybe they were put together because they are made of aluminiun and painted red ? who knows, pretty unusual though I would think. Hope I get something equally interesting for christmas !
hi tony
grenades are not my forte , if you have something to swop for the !, they are just sitting on the shelf sulking .
Bomb Part

My Dad gave me this about 35 years ago, he always said it was part of a bomb, any ideas ? no markings, solid steel, two grub screws, its 50mm across athe narrow part, 55mm at the widest and 25mm deep.


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Hi Tony
I dont recognise it i wonder if its a base plate strange