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Help with ID of dummy grenade


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I picked up this throwing dummy today and need some help with identification. It is just under 4" long and 2" in diameter and made of some sort of light brown molded composition material. I think there is a metal weight that the outer shell is molded around as you can feel something moving inside when it is shaken. There is no holes at the ends or any other provision for a fuze, so it's definitely just a weighted throwing dummy

The dimples on each lug look somewhat familiar to me but can't put my finger on where I've seen it before. Does anyone here recoginze it or have one similar? Thanks.



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Yes, I was going to mention that I thought it looked a lot like an Italian SIPE. At least, that's the one it resembles the most to me. Good observation. But there are quite a few football shaped grenades out there so I thought it might be a coincidence too.
Those dimples do look very prominent. I can't seem to find any reference of these on the web, but I'll keep looking